Should I become an influencer?

A short recap

Planning the next move

Distribution > Product

  • Build the product, then find customers or
  • Build an audience, then find a product they’re happy to buy
  • (Then there is the hybrid of Building in Public hence building an audience while building the product. I’ll leave it out for now.)

Influencers, I see you now

  1. First, it took so much of our time to produce content for ourselves that we had not enough time to produce content, build websites and develop fundingraising strategies for the organizations we worked with.
  2. And secondly, everything we did we started to see through the eyes of how instagrammable it is. You stop immersing yourself into new experiences of which you can make many in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. Instead, you have to withdraw yourself from the authentic experience and think about how it could be broadcasted best to build up a persona on social media. This is not only stressful but it decreases the quality of life. The real experience gets clouded. The worst part is, that even when you decide not to post anything you feel like you left some potential untapped — at least I did. I wonder how full-fledged influencers live with their second-hand lifes.

Twitter & Not Boring

The influencer spectrum ranges from Thoughtleader to Fashion-Haul-Bimbo

Long story short

One questions remains…

¡Pero no hablo español!

Hasta luego!




Founder of, ODF10

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Johannes Dancker

Johannes Dancker

Founder of, ODF10

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