TikTok Week 3 — No pain, no fame & first experiment-wide learnings

Week 3 content

How it went and what I make of it

What value do I provide?



Awe-inspiring content (often puppies)

“What do you do for a living?”

So where does my content fall into?

This week’s TikTok Learnings

  1. No value, no views
    Pretty obvious but easy to forget when making content: Be very clear what value you want to provide, how you provide it and how to measure if it is perceived as such.
  2. No time to make videos, no views
    I was more busy this week and went on a little trip over the weekend, which left less time for me to produce content for TikTok. It can be annoying to have to post every day 😇
  3. Choose a style
    I touched upon that in the last article and will write more about it in the final review, so this is more of a reminder: Do something you’d do anyways, so making the videos itself is fun — no matter how they are received. In my case, I am learning Spanish but there are 100 ways to make content around that. To be consistent (and cut down the effort to make content) it helps to choose one style of videos.




Founder of knugg.et, ODF10

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Johannes Dancker

Johannes Dancker

Founder of knugg.et, ODF10

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